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Telescopic spray sprinklers US400. Rain Bird quality at the best price on the market. The perfect choice for residential applications. The multifunctional pressure seal that prevents lateral leakage and the entry of sand next to the mobile body. - Rotating mechanism of the telescope for nozzle alignment. - Made of durable materials under pressure and harsh working conditions. - The small exposure surface makes the sprinkler very little visible in the irrigated surface. - Together with the UNI-Spray US400 sprinklers, all types of nozzles can be used, including MPR and rotary nozzles. - Access to the internal mechanism is easy from the top for easy maintenance. - Optionally, they can be equipped with check valves for the level difference of up to 1.5m (SAM). - Strong stainless steel spring. - 1/2 internal thread for connection to the installation..

Sprinkler UNI-Spray Rain Bird US400 (No nozzle)

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