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Irrigation & Lawn

Everything you need for your property

sistem de irigatii

Irrigation systems

To irrigate the lawn, telescopic pop-up sprinklers (also called sprinklers) are used, with various lifting heights from the ground. The sprinklers are completely buried and hidden, making their appearance strictly during watering. The types of sprinklers that can be found in a lawn irrigation system.

The benefits of the service

Continuous water flow
Uniform watering over the entire surface of the garden
Timed irrigation
The automatically irrigated lawn maintains its beauty for a long time
The drainage system collects and drains excess water.


Green spaces

After a tiring day at the office, what can be more pleasant than a treat in your own yard, among flowers, in the sound of a small pond, in the shade of a honeysuckle bush that perfumes even the most polluted atmosphere?

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